Welcome to The Orange Principle.

I'm Jenna Renzo, a life and business coach passionate about helping people and businesses transform ideas into purposeful actions.

The Orange Principle was founded on a blessing in disguise:


Every business begins with a problem. Mine was that I believe overcoming obstacles in business and in life shouldn’t be a one-person job.

I was on the brink of an empty nest and the coattails of divorce, when—long story short—I sustained a concussion that would forever change the course of my life. It was a fluke accident, amid an ordinary day, doing ordinary things.

At the time, I’d just completed my first year of law school—part of a lifelong goal to finish grad school once my kids were grown. The concussion had a different plan. Plagued by persistent head pain, along with visual and cognitive impairment, I dropped my classes and conceded to the only thing I could do: 


The symptoms persisted for months and—at the one-year mark—I was officially diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome. This meant my symptoms could persist for years, or the rest of my life.

I had two choices: view my symptoms as limitations or embrace the circumstance and design a new life. I chose the latter.

But I didn’t just check a box, throw on my superhero cape, and soar off into the future unscathed. Post-concussion syndrome continued to kick my butt. Armed with an insatiable gaming spirit, I decided to approach my new way of life like a game.

If I let it, my mindset could’ve been my worst enemy. Instead, I used my pragmatic optimism, resilient willpower, and self-imposed grace to navigate my symptoms and—slowly but surely—create my “new normal.”

The question of whether I could return to law school loomed in the air during this time. In the face of uncertainty, I reached out to a coach of my own. She helped me clear my mental clutter and hold space for two visions: law school and coaching. With her guidance, I reconnected with my core purpose and designed a new life focused on serving others in the same way.

I started The Orange Principle because I believe in the power of mindset and partnership.

You don't have to go it alone.

You might be an entrepreneur, business owner, or CEO. You might also be a student, mother, father, or partner.

Whoever you are, one thing’s for certain: you have a bold vision. You’re here because you know where​ you want to go (and you have the ambition to get there). But when it comes to figuring out exactly ​how​ to turn your vision into an actual thing—well, that’s a slightly different story.

You don’t want to make excuses or procrastinate any longer—and you definitely don’t want to give up. The solution: a trusted thinking partner to hold you accountable and cheer you on.

It’s time to get intentional with your life and business goals. To reclaim your power, harness your strengths, and conquer challenges—without the overwhelm of figuring it all out on your own.

I’m here to help you draw a roadmap to your destination. You have big goals. Now let’s get planning.

Are you ready? Let's collaborate.