Business coaching equips you and your team with the skills to succeed. 

"But we've always done things this way. Can't we just send an employee satisfaction survey?"

Well, you could. But can your survey...

  • Define your long-term vision ​and design specific action steps to make it happen?

  • Create tailor-made strategies​ that increase productivity ​and​ employee satisfaction?

  • Cultivate a company culture that inspires people​ to proactively communicate and form solutions?

  • Help you push past your next earnings plateau​ into a new level of profitability?

  • Harness people’s unique talents​ to innovate and serve your customers at the highest level?

The answer: probably not.

To get your business to the next level, you need a thinking partner.

Your company has seen some growth and success. You have a talented team and a product or service that sells.

You deserve a partner who pushes you forward—not another business management tool that sits around collecting data.

Someone who knows the right questions to ask to uncover the right solutions ... at precisely the right time.

That’s where I come in.


I believe people determine the success of a business. This is why my business coaching services focus on developing alignment: between task and skill, reason and results, people and purpose.

When your business and people work toward the same passion-fueled vision, the results speak for themselves.

Our business coaching partnership can take two directions...

Performance Coaching for Teams

Empower your team with the skills to achieve their goals - and yours.

I come alongside your team to help them realize their individual strengths and apply those strengths to achieve success as part of your organization.

Executive Coaching for Leadership

Develop a clear purpose and rally your team around shared goals.

I work one-on-one with executives, managers, and entrepreneurs to define objectives and create action plans that result in productivity and profit.

Ready to talk about how our collaboration can uplevel your business?

How it works

Our business coaching process


​We hop on a complimentary 30-minute chemistry call to chat about your business goals and see if we’re a match.


​If it feels like a great fit, I’ll send a proposal detailing your investment and goals.


Before the first session, you’ll receive a welcome packet with a prep form, questionnaire, and coaching agreement.


During each session, I work alongside you or your team to identify goals, create awareness, and design actions.

While each coaching plan is unique, the principle is unchanging: investing in people ignites success.

But what do real results look like?

70% of organizations include coaching as part of their leadership development initiatives.


96% of organizations report that coaching led to an improvement in individual performance.


60% report that coaching played a significant role in productivity and 53% report an increase in employee satisfaction.

*Evaluating the Effectiveness of Executive Coaching: Beyond ROI? Coaching: An International Journal of Theory. 

Got a question? Take a look below for your answer.

Q: What exactly can we work on...?
A: Each business coaching program is designed around your specific objectives, which may include: bringing clarity to your vision and goals, building effective teams, employee happiness and productivity, improving communication between teams, short and long-term planning strategies, designing result-oriented action plans, developing solutions, creating a company culture, and cultivating leadership skills.

I'm also a Value Added Associate with TTI Success Insights, specializing in DISC and 12 Driving Forces. 

With 30 years of research into human behavior and motivations, TTI SI is the global leader in research-based talent assessments. The company’s assessments, which are based around five behavioral sciences, empower individuals with greater self-awareness by informing them about how they behave, why they behave a certain way, and what skills they possess and have mastered along the way. TTI SI transforms potential to productivity, performance and profits. 

For more information, visit and @TTI_SI.

Q: What industries do you work with?

A: I serve organizations spanning government, non-profit, entertainment, faith-based, healthcare, public relations industries, as well as corporate leadership and small businesses.

Q: Where are the coaching sessions held?

A: I call San Luis Obispo, California home but work with clients worldwide. As travel allows, coaching sessions may be held in-person. Otherwise, all sessions are scheduled via phone or video conference.

Q: How much will business coaching cost?

A: Every coaching relationship is unique. As such, pricing varies to meet the needs of your organization and size of your team. After I gather all the nitty-gritty details on our chemistry call, I’ll provide a proposal that includes your cost and plan of action.

Q: Do you offer one-on-one personal coaching?

A: Yes! Click here to learn more about my life coaching services. 


Q: Hmm...I don’t see my question here.

A: You can get in touch ​here​ or send your question to ​​. You can expect to hear back within 48 hours (Monday–Friday).

Who am I?

I'm Jenna Renzo, a business coach with a mission to help leaders and their teams thrive. With 25+ years of business experience in my back pocket, I do this by uncovering and capitalizing on individual strengths, talents, and opportunities - so that you can lead with purpose, increase productivity, and reap the rewards.

Ready to take the next step toward your business goals?

Schedule your complimentary chemistry call to chat about your coaching goals and see if we're a match.